Apple has threatened to remove Amphetamine from the App Store

Last modified on January 01, 2021

Amphetamine is a free app that helps defend your Mac unsleeping. Amphetamine has been on the Mac App Store since 2014 and it’s been downloaded over 432,800 occasions. It at the second has over 1,400 tales and a 4.eight out of score inside the US Mac App Store.

Why Does Amphetamine Need Saving?

On December 29th, 2020, a consultant from Apple contacted and urged me that, after 6 years on the Mac App Store, Amphetamine had spontaneously began violating undoubtedly one in all Apple's App Store Pointers.

Apple then proceeded to threaten to elevate away Amphetamine from the Mac App Store on January 12th, 2021 if changes to the app have been now not made. It is my perception that Amphetamine is now not in violation of any of Apple's Pointers. It is moreover my perception that there are a type of of us on the market who truly really feel the the identical formulation as me, and need to search proceed to flourish and not using a whole re-branding.

What Guideline Has Apple Accused Amphetamine of Violating?

Apple has accused Amphetamine of violating the subsequent tenet:

1.4.3 Apps that assist consumption of tobacco and vape merchandise, illegal remedy, or extreme portions of alcohol are now not licensed on the App Store. Apps that assist minors to use any of those substances shall be rejected. Facilitating the sale of marijuana, tobacco, or managed substances (in addition to for licensed pharmacies) isn’t allowed."

Apple further specified:
“Your app appears to promote hurry inform of managed substances. Particularly, your app title and icon embrace references to managed substances, remedy.”

How Can I Support?

Spread the discover! Let the sector know that you simply simply truly need to search proceed to exist on the Mac App Store. Apple has threatened to elevate away Amphetamine from the Mac App Store on January 12th, 2021 if Apple's calls for are now not met.

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What Occurs Subsequent?

I truly obtain filed an enchantment/command to the Pointers violation accusation straight with Apple. I invent now not in my thought obtain grand religion in Apple reversing course per the enchantment alone, nonetheless. Optimistically, Apple will hear the voices of the Mac group and rethink their resolution.

May perhaps nicely perhaps aloof Apple refuse to reverse their resolution, and thus elevate away Amphetamine from the Mac App Store, I would seemingly invent undoubtedly one in all many subsequent:

  • Straight away begin work on rebranding Amphetamine and with somewhat of luck, collect the newly-named app assist on the Mac App Store
  • Proceed raise consciousness of Apple's actions and actually watch for Apple to reinstate Amphetamine on the Mac App Store

What Arguments Can Be Made for Maintaining Amphetamine inside the Mac App Store?

Argument #1:
Amphetamine Does No longer Promote the Use of Illegal Medications or Facilitate the Sale of Controlled Substances

Amphetamine does now not promote the utilization of illegal remedy. No longer solely that, Amphetamine does now not promote the leisure inform of factual/prescribed drugs. In the US, amphetamine is prescribed by docs to adults for narcolepsy and to youngsters for ADHD.

Adderall®, Concerta®, Dexedrine®, Focalin®, Metadate®, Methylin®, Ritalin® are all “mark title” amphetamines. There are different “generic” producers as successfully. These medicines advance inside the create of a pill. Amphetamine’s icon incorporates a graphical illustration of this type of pill. Objectively talking, there’s no imagery or textual content in Amphetamine’s icon that counsel the pill have to be taken irresponsibly, illegally, or recreationally.

The discover “amphetamine” itself is solely a shortened model of the pure compound “alpha-methylphenethylamine.” "Amphetamine” is now not a “street-title/slang” for the pure compound, and in no formulation promotes its irresponsible, illegal, or leisure inform. Nice like amphetamine (the pure compound) may nicely perhaps perhaps moreover moreover be legally stale to elevate people unsleeping and attentive, Amphetamine (the app) may nicely perhaps perhaps moreover moreover be legally stale to elevate your Mac unsleeping.

There may be nothing illicit about, or inherently wicked with, the factual inform of prescribed amphetamines. The factual inform and benefits of prescribed/legally obtained amphetamines cannot be neglected or dismissed just because there's a doable for illegal abuse of the treatment.

Needless to declare, it goes with out saying that Amphetamine does now not in any formulation, kind, or create, facilitate the sale of managed substances.

Argument #2:
Unfairly/Inconsistently Applied Pointers

Whereas Amphetamine (the app) does now not promote the utilization of illegal remedy, there are different apps that invent. You may nicely perhaps obtain a great deal of different apps on the App Store that both promote irresponsible inform of each factual and illegal remedy, or outright glorify the construct and sale of illegal remedy. These different apps obtain now not been a methods from the App Store or pressured to rebrand. Apple is now not making inform of this tenet equally inside the Mac or iOS App Retail retailers. Amphetamine has been unfairly centered.


  • Coca (macOS): An app that retains your Mac unsleeping an related to Amphetamine. The coca plant’s leaves are stale to construct cocaine.

  • Weed Multi-millionaire (macOS): An app that simulates promoting marijuana. Marijuana is now not at the second factual in all states of the US. On a Federal stage, marijuana stays a managed substance Truly, the app’s description reads “In a future world the place the ban on cannabis has been lifted world large…”. The app is rated for individuals 17 years or older. Most, if now not all, states inside the US that obtain legalized leisure marijuana inform require the explicit individual to be now not now not as lots as 21 years of age. There are limitless different apps like this one inside the iOS App Store.

  • Drug Mafia (iOS/iPadOS) & Narcos: Cartel Wars & Approach (iOS/iPadOS): These apps simulate the skills of manufacturing, distributing, and and/or benefiting from illegal remedy comparable to cocaine and marijuana. Whereas one in all the principal essential substances that appear inside the video video games obtain scientific capabilities or a legalized/decriminalized put, these video video games particularly level of curiosity on the illicit commerce and sale of those substances.

  • iBeer (iOS/iPadOS): This app permits you to and not using a signal of ending “drink” beer out of your iOS device. You tip the iOS device like a pint glass and “drink” the beer as time and again as you seize to obtain. This app is rated 17+ regardless of the factual ingesting age inside the US being 21 years outdated in most localities.

Argument #3:
Of us (and Apple, Inc.) Love

Amphetamine has been on the Mac App Store since 2014 (6 years), and existed as an AppleScript utility earlier than that. During that point, Amphetamine’s icon has built-in a illustration of a pill. The app’s title has constantly been “Amphetamine.” Never as soon as has Apple objected to these earlier than. Currently, inside the US Mac App Store, Amphetamine has 1.4K tales and a 4.eight out of 5 large title score. Clearly, if of us are offended by Amphetamine’s title or icon, they're now not the vocal majority.

Apple, Inc. itself has featured Amphetamine in a Mac App Store Myth. Completely, there's any particular person at Apple who's “signing-off” or approving these Experiences. How is it that, inside the whole interactions I truly obtain had with Apple staff (a whole bunch? dozens?) over the closing 6 years with regard to Amphetamine, now not a single undoubtedly one in all them has been offended by Amphetamine’s title or icon? Why is the title and icon offensive or dangerous as of late, nevertheless now not closing week?

Amphetamine updates obtain been rejected by Apple on a colossal sequence of occasions. One time, Apple’s App Review Group did not like my “Preview” veil images. All over once more, Apple objected to the default habits when clicking Amphetamine’s menu bar icon, saying it should begin the menu by default and now not begin a session. It is obvious that Apple is actually paying consideration when reviewing apps, and now not proper blindly approving apps and not using a proper overview. No longer as soon as has Amphetamine’s title and icon been known as into search recordsdata from regardless of 41 app updates/submissions to Apple for overview.

Argument #4: Amphetamine’s Name and Icon Are its Identification

“Amphetamine” is the brand title and id of undoubtedly one in all many apps that I truly obtain developed. Amphetamine is extensively even handed the hurry-to app for preserving your Mac unsleeping. Here is evidenced by its constant extreme score inside the Mac App Store, as nicely to its inclusion in a great deal of most principal-participant tech web sites’ “supreme of…” Mac apps lists. Amphetamine is deployed at corporations and universities pudgy and tiny internationally. I in total obtain tech abet representatives from these corporations and colleges piece of email me to quiz strategies to supreme deploy Amphetamine to their customers’ gadgets.

As quickly as, the CEO of a pudgy US-primarily based mostly completely healthcare neighborhood emailed me straight to quiz some customizations to Amphetamine for deployment in his group! As quickly as I declined to construct the customizations, the CEO supplied me a job growing a customized utility. Amphetamine is construct in by default on Macs deployed on the Wyss Institute at Harvard Scientific College. Loads of oldsters and organizations rely on Amphetamine, and level out it by title.

Argument #5: Amphetamine’s Recognition Is Organic and User-Driven

As a segment-time, tiny, and autonomous dev

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