I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service

Last modified on March 13, 2021

March 11th 2021

TLDR; I bought 300 emoji area names from Kazakhstan and constructed an emoji electronic message deal with supplier. Right through I went viral on TikTok, made $1000 in per week, employed a Jap recount actor, and learnt concerning the unusual world of emoji domains.

πŸŒ… The setup

Not talent succor I decided it may per likelihood per likelihood per likelihood presumably be a interesting thought to bewitch the sector title netflix.soy.

Whereas arguably there are better methods to make the most of £17, I did be taught loads about area names, along side that it's that you could presumably additionally mediate to private emoji domains savor 😊.ws.

It's animated laborious to maneuver a day with out seeing an emoji someplace on the internet. Yet, I'd by no approach seen an emoji area title earlier than.

I puzzled:

Would probably possibly possibly I shield shut an emoji area title?

πŸ’Έ Trying to safe an emoji area title

My objective was once to bewitch a single persona emoji area title, savor πŸ’‘ or 🍰. I did not know what I'd fabricate with it, I actual wished to safe if I may per likelihood presumably safe one.

I came across a web web page that confirmed each out there emoji area for four heaps of extensions.

Sadly, as regards to every and every single one had been registered. I was once slack to the celebration.

Taken emoji domains

A simple mailbox emoji with a .ws extension was once mute out there despite the fact that, so I bought it.

πŸ“ͺ The mailbox

Mailbox emoji domain in GoDaddy

πŸ“ͺ.ws was once now mine. Mission complete.

I preserve of residing up a web web page and felt comparatively completed with my restricted mailbox.

I may per likelihood presumably've stopped there and referred to as it a day. But, then I had one other idea:

Would probably possibly possibly I make use of my little mailbox emoji area in an electronic message deal with?

That'd be animated gorgeous.

βœ‰οΈ Emoji mail attempt #1

I gave it a recede. I setup an electronic message forwarder to route all electronic message despatched to πŸ“ͺ.ws to my customary electronic message deal with.

Eagerly I typed ben@πŸ“ͺ.ws into the "to" subject of gmail and hit ship.

Sending first emoji mail

πŸ›‘ Blocked

The electronic message by no approach hit my inbox. It was once misplaced and not using a destroy in sight in our on-line world.

Seems emoji area names ranking very extremely for direct mail and had been going to be blocked to excessive heaven.

But, it was once animated that I may per likelihood presumably ship mail in route of an emoji electronic message deal with.

So I puzzled:

If a commonplace .com electronic message deal with does not safe blocked for direct mail, may per likelihood presumably I route my emoji mail through that?

πŸ’Œ Emoji mail attempt #2

It would work savor this:

  1. Electronic mail despatched to ben@πŸ“ͺ.ws
  2. ben@πŸ“ͺ.ws forwards to nospam@commonplace.com
  3. nospam@commonplace.com forwards to my electronic message deal with and may per likelihood presumably no longer safe blocked.

I cobbled collectively one thing the make use of of AWS, and tried my experiment once more.

to: ben@πŸ“ͺ.ws

message: Good day Ben, how's it going?


First emoji mail

It labored!

🧨 The preserve points started to safe out of shield watch over

At this degree I was once inclined to stop and write a publish about emoji electronic message addresses. I'd had a actual budge.

But then I puzzled:

My mailbox emoji electronic message deal with is colossal and all, however fabricate you recognize what may per likelihood presumably be better? ben@⭐

Now how fabricate I safe a type of?

🎣 Emoji area title looking

Most incredible 13 TLDs on this planet settle for registrations of emoji area names: .cf, .ga, .gq, .la, .ml, .tk, .st, .fm, .to, .je, .gg, .kz, and .ws.

The earn web web page I had ragged to bewitch πŸ“ͺ.ws easiest confirmed four TLDs: .fm, .ws, .to and .ml. These are idea to be the gold customary of emoji area title registrars.

Every emoji had been taken on these despite the fact that. That you simply can presumably presumably clearly safe multi-personality emoji domains savor πŸŽ‰πŸ’.ws, however I wished single persona emoji domains easiest.

So I puzzled:

Perform any of these different TLDs private any emoji domains left?

πŸ”­ The colossal hunt

I already had some code that carried out WHOIS lookups to safe if a area title is in the marketplace for a listing of TLDs.

Previously I'd ragged this code to bewitch fb.网站, actual for Marky Z to grab it succor from me. Cheeky bugger.

I booted up the code and loaded in some A-tier emojis (e.g. ⭐,πŸ˜‚,❀️) and the 13 TLDs that licensed them.

>node search.js [ENTER]

🎁 The outcomes

Console output showing available TLDs for emoji domains

Right away I was once seeing outcomes! .la, .ga, .gq, .je. There had been heaps of emojis mute accessible on these fairly varied extensions.

An extension that stood out to me immediately was once .gg, for the Island of Guernsey. "GG" is an acronym for "Appropriate Sport", and I inform it repeatedly after I lose at on-line video games. It was once supreme.

⭐.gg was once out there for €29. I hit bewitch.

πŸ’” No GG for me

The subsequent day Guernsey despatched me an electronic message.

Email from Guernsey saying emoji domains not available on .gg

Long fantasy fast, even every time you could presumably register emoji area names with them, they did not with out a doubt work.

Appropriate recreation Guernsey. Again to the strategy planning stage.

⭐ Loopy for KZ

With each different extension I stored hitting partitions. Various the registrars would no longer even let me see for emoji domains. Nothing was once working.

One extension that stored cropping up was once .kz of Kazakhstan. But, I headed over to their registar web web web page and it was once totally in Russian.

Russian domain name website

I fabricate no longer keep in touch Russian.

The utilization of Google Translate, I tried to navigate the web web web page and shield shut a .kz emoji area.

It was once a prolonged, painful course of. But, after phoning my financial establishment to substantiate I was once certainly looking to believe a bewitch inform the make use of of Kazakhstani tenge, ⭐.kz was once sitting in my fantasy.

I plugged it into my electronic message map and ben@⭐.kz labored.

Very fantastic.

πŸ’Ό Let's originate an electronic message supplier

Something enraged me. Nearly all single persona emojis had been out there on .kz, and they had been easiest $eight every and every.

So, I puzzled:

What every time you could presumably safe an electronic message deal with with any emoji you wished?

I pictured electronic message addresses savor bob@πŸš€, alice@🌸, melvin@πŸ†.

All I'd wish to fabricate is shield shut each emoji area to assemble a supplier savor this.

It was once insane, nevertheless it utterly was once that you could presumably additionally mediate.

πŸŒ™ The night of 150 emojis

I decided I was once going to manufacture it.

If I was once overjoyed with my mailbox emoji electronic message deal with, presumably others may per likelihood presumably be too.

I obtained out my debit card, and, one by one, started purchasing for Kazakhstan emoji domains.

πŸ’‘.kz, πŸ‘‘.kz, 🌈.kz, 😎.kz. Fetch, shield shut, shield shut, shield shut.

It was once a bit of little little bit of painful looking at my financial establishment fantasy happening, and the various of emoji domains recede up.

80 emojis in, forking over money for a goat emoji area title, you considerably start to interrogate what you are doing.

$1200 later, 150 emoji domains had been mine.

πŸ’» Building an emoji electronic message deal with web web web page

Ultimately, I wished a web web page the preserve you could presumably register an emoji electronic message deal with and it might ahead mail savor ben@πŸ“ͺ.ws did.

The utilization of vanilla HTML, JS and CSS, plus Stripe's API for funds, I cobbled collectively an MVP over just some weeks.

As quickly because it was once accomplished, I bought one final area title: mailoji.com. My new emoji electronic message deal with supplier Mailoji was once prepared. Salvage your emoji electronic message addresses.

Mailoji emoji email address website

πŸ“± TikTok

I'd gone from being unusual about emoji area names to now proudly owning 150 of Kazakhstan's most interesting.

The subsequent step was once to influence any particular person else to bewitch an emoji electronic message deal with.

TikTok gave the impression savor a actual subject to originate given its demographic. So, I recorded a useful e book a tough video advert and started a "TikTok for enterprise" utility to submit it.

On the ultimate web web page of the utility I was once requested for a VAT registration amount. Mailoji was once no longer an attractive enterprise but, so there was once no talent I may per likelihood presumably submit my advert.

Screw it, I could publish the video on the complete.


πŸŽ‰ First product sales

Here is the advert every time you're keen.

The video sat at zero views for about 5 hours earlier than the TikTok algorithm started to work its magic.

Slowly, the views started ramping up. 500 views, to 5k views, to 50okay views. It was once astonishing to scrutinize.

Folks had been loving emoji electronic message addresses, of us had been hating emoji electronic message addresses.

It was once savor Marmite, a speaking degree. None of it mattered despite the fact that attributable to emoji electronic message addresses had been promoting! @πŸš€, @πŸ“· & @πŸ’» addresses had been probably the most neatly-favored.

Over 2 days the TikTok video reached 200okay+ views, and 60 emoji electronic message addresses had been offered netting ~$300/Three hundred and sixty 5 days in earnings.

Stripe graph showing first sales from selling emoji domains

I took this as a surprising indicator. So wager what I did?

πŸ’΅ Trying to safe additional emoji area names

I decided to bewitch 100 additional emoji domains.

I cried into my keyboard forking out but additional money for a llama emoji that I doubtlessly did not want.

Within the destroy I had 250 emoji domains. If there was once ever a moat into the emoji electronic message deal with world, this was once it.

πŸ“… Making prepared for begin

I figured the additional of us with emoji electronic message addresses, the additional of us who would see them, and the additional of us who would shield shut them. An even making an attempt cycle.

My subsequent objective was once a Product Hunt begin to safe publicity for Mailoji, and kickstart this cycle.

I prepped my begin publish, comparatively choosing every and every be acutely aware and painting.

I even created this over-hyped promotional video, complete with Japan

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