Pachyderm Is Hiring for Product Marketing and Developer Productivity Engineers

Last modified on June 08, 2021
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Why Work Right right here?

We little question care about our pach and want each member to really feel recognized, supported and cared for. We present a wonderful benefits gear, versatile time off and further perks and satisfying!

Our Core Values

  • Nurture Your Community

    Every interaction we've with our customers, prospects, coworkers and fellow builders helps manufacture our start provide group. We remember that it's miles our accountability to hold to it what we really feel it needs and proceed to nurture it and discount it develop.

  • Be a Supervisor of One

    We cultivate our autonomy by studying strategies to manage our time, prioritize our duties and title unique duties which can be pleasant of consideration. Your job is additional than your job description.

  • We are Start Supply and we're a Industry

    We try to strike the stability between being every start provide and a successful trade. Every choice we manufacture is fueled by the should manufacture Pachyderm (the corporate) successful in order that we're in a position to proceed to nurture Pachyderm (the start provide mission) and its group.

  • Start Supply is a Custom

    Transparency is crucial to the whole thing we develop. As a faraway firm, start and proactive communication is a necessity to-need to our success and concord as a crew.


Community - Meet our Group

Pach Info:

  • Pachyderm has 46 staff unfold throughout 5 worldwide places
  • Pachyderm is pronounced “pa-kee-drm” and is outlined as a vivid thick-skinned mammal (assume elephants, hippos, rhinos, and tapirs)!
  • We manufacture disbursed applications and we embody a disbursed workforce and crew. We had been a faraway crew before it turned as quickly as chilly! #HipsterRemoteWork
  • Our most smartly-liked slack channel is #cute_emergency (cue canine, cat and shrimp one elephant images)
  • We are avid gamers, creators, hikers, bikers, readers, mathematicians, writers, bakers, gardeners, snowboarders, poker followers, musicians and further. We can’t wait to switch looking out what else you'll carry to the crew!

Start Positions

At Pachyderm, we're developing an commence-supply challenge-grade data science platform that allows you to deploy and prepare multi-stage, language-agnostic data pipelines whereas asserting whole reproducibility and provenance. In case you may want to check additional about our gigantic imaginative and prescient, learn what has become our "manifesto." Our blueprint, developed with start provide roots, shifts the paradigm of data science workflows by providing reproducibility, data provenance, and substitute for factual collaboration.

Pachyderm makes use of smartly-liked utilized sciences esteem Docker and Kubernetes to fabricate an absolutely unique technique of inspecting data. Supplied every as an in-dwelling decision other than to hosted-provider, Pachyderm brings collectively model-regulate for data with the instruments to fabricate scalable conclude-to-conclude ML/AI pipelines whereas empowering customers to exhaust any language, framework, or instrument they want.

Customer Group

Product Advertising and advertising and marketing



Aid-Quit Engineering

Core Methods Engineering

Front-Quit Engineering

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