Super Hero Home Workout Review

Super Hero Home Workout Review

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Look, we all have our own struggles to deal with.

And no, it's not going to be easy to overcome these... But if you're already wondering "where does one start". You're already on the right path.

The first thing you need is a challenge to shake you up. Next, you need someone to guide you through this challenge. Not just anyone of course... but someone who has actually gone through it all, and then some.

My name is Anthony Arvanitakis and I’m a 3-TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR on I’ve been also featured on websites such as:

The Art of Manliness | One of the largest independent men's lifestyle websites in the world | No. 1 ranked website in categories such as "men’s Lifestyle – Men’s Sites" T-nation | One of the top 5 Strength training websites in the world

After a disastrous accident at age 22, I spent the following years mostly in bed. Having surgery after surgery, feeling depressed and eating unhealthy, while the doctors tried to reconstruct my severely fractured leg...

After 5 dark years I (finally) realized one thing...

Feeling sorry about yourself doesn’t ever get you anywhere. When life is hard, remaining motionless is easy. It does not require any effort. And the more we stand still, the more paralyzed we become. So, instead of letting ourselves sink in the quicksand of our despair, there is only one more choice left. We have to pull ourselves up from your own bootstraps!

Not only did I get up again - but I decided to become the strongest version of myself. First stop – getting back in shape. During that time, I didn’t even have access to a gym. But it didn’t matter... Why?!

And that is what I did. Oneday I simply said "Enough"!

Because, I already had my mind set to my goal and I told myself that I would achieve it no matter what. With just one pull-up bar and four walls (my tiny apartment) at my disposal, I started working out using mainly bodyweight exercises.

Results? Within 6 months I was strong and lean, without going to the Gym! As a matter of fact, I even turn all this into a bestselling book.

After my first transformation, I noticed that I looked great when I stood topless in front of the mirror. But, the moment I wore a shirt, I looked like another ordinary thin guy. And that’s when I discovered my new challenge. I decided that :

So I made my goal public. I would create a new training program to build a Superhero Physique from the comfort of my own home. People around me (other than those who thought I was joking) said I was over my head. They said I couldn’t do that without steroids and going to the gym.

People like to stand in your way when you’re going against the grain. But, a Superhero’s journey starts when he stops craving others’ acceptance and begins carving his own path.

My new challenge wouldn’t be easy to pull-off, I was fully aware of that. If I was to become a superhero– I would need my own super-power...

After a couple of months of training with the superhero homeworkout plan, some people who saw my progress on Youtube, implied that I might be using illegal substances. Little did they know that the means I used to transform myself is completely free and available for anyone. It doesn’t come in a pill nor a bottle. As a matter of fact, it comes from within (more about this in a moment). Just like Superhero-powers.

Gaining muscle and losing fat is considered the holy grail of bodybuilding. Well, within a few months, not only did I gain 15 pounds of Muscle, I even got more shredded!

The Mind-to-Muscle Connection (MMC) might have been just a theory a while ago, but studies done these last years have begun showing that MMC is not just a theory - it's a fact! Of course, this is something that experienced people with amazing physiques already knew for decades now (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Eugene Sandow, Max Sick and the list goes on...)


I don’t just talk about Mind-to-Muscle connection in abstract terms (as most people out there do). I've created a whole supplementary bonus guide(!), in which I'll be giving you clear guidelines (instructions, videos, mental cues) on how each exercise can be performed, in order to induce superior muscle activation.

Instead of adding extra weight in an exercise, you can learn to focus on specific inner cues/sensations that cause your muscles to contract harder. Why care? Well, this increased muscle contraction and it’s effects (greater muscle-fiber recruitment, increased neural activity and increased local fatigue (aka "the burn") lead to greater strength and MUSCLE GROWTH!

The Superhero Homeworkout will teach you that the strongest muscle of your body isn’t your back, chest nor your legs... It’s your mind!

Let’s say the weather is great and you’re in the mood to train outdoors?

No problem! All you need is a place with a pull-up bar (or anything you can hang on – such as a tree branch, sturdy pipe, etc).

Or let’s say you have busy work days so that the only time to workout is during your lunch-break and the only place available is the gym.

No problem... Homemade Muscle programs are all about flexibility!

Admit it, you’ve used these excuses at some point in life...

Have a look at my before picture above... Do you see a person predestined to be a Superhero? Either Physically or Mentally? Nope! And now guess what was the biggest reason for me being in that state for years? It was the fact that I kept on telling myself the same excuses...

Look, I won’t lie to you - genetics do influence our results. But... if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can overcome almost anything if you have the right tools and mindset.

Admit it, you’ve used these excuses at some point in life...

Have a look at my before picture above (albino picture)... Do you see a person predestined to be a Superhero? Either Physically or Mentally? Nope! And now guess what was the biggest reason for me being in that state for years? It was the fact that I kept on telling myself the same excuses...

Look, I won’t lie to you - Genetics do influence our results. But... if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can overcome almost anything if you have the right tools and mindset.

Through this book I don’t just want to help you build a Superhero physique. That’s just half of the reward. The other half is building the Superhero mindset that can go with the body. Studies have shown that exercise is one of those habits that trigger widespread positive changes in one’s life. I can vouch for this since it’s what helped me restart my life after spending 5 years in bed!

And that is why I also always focus on the mindset when I create workout plans. People who have completed the Superhero Homeworkout told me personally, and even posted in our secret Superhero League Facebook group, about all the other positive changes that were triggered from this book.

Some improved in their business goals, others got the girl they always wanted, some improved at school/university... Depending on what you’re focusing on most right now in life, this plan will help you get there faster and certainly with great possibilities of success.

To complete a challenging fitness goal such as the Superhero Homeworkout, you’ll need to develop both physical and mental toughness. Qualities such as patience, work-ethic, determination, and tenacity slowly arise - and if you’re mindful enough - you can learn to apply these in the rest of your life’s fields.

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