Rails 6.1

Last modified on December 11, 2020

Rails 6.1 has been launched and wow does it web a variety of immense stuff! We’ve been arduous
at work these previous few months implementing enhancements to a couple of databases, including strengthen for destroying
associations in jobs moderately than in-memory, turning errors into objects, and so a methods extra.

It’s unparalleled how Rails has grown over time and whereas we web now some enhancements to make to the
onboarding course of, Rails has by no means been higher. The elements
on this launch level of curiosity on including the effectivity you will have to retain your utility up and working for years to close.

Let’s detect at a pair of of the weird effectivity:

Multi-DB Improvements

Per-database Connection Switching

Rails 6.1 will provide you with the pliability to swap connections per-database. In 6.zero everytime you occur to switched to the discovering out design then all database connections additionally switched to the discovering out design. Now in 6.1 everytime you occur to house legacy_connection_handling to incorrect in your configuration, Rails will will can allow you to swap connections for a single database by calling connected_to on the corresponding summary class.

Horizontal Sharding

Rails 6.zero geared up the pliability to functionally partition (a couple of partitions, diversified schemas) your database however wasn’t in a jam to strengthen horizontal sharding (identical schema, a couple of partitions). Rails wasn’t in a jam to strengthen horizontal sharding as a consequence of gadgets in Spirited Narrative may even best web one connection per-design per-class. Here is now mounted and horizontal sharding with Rails is obtainable inside the market.

Further Improvements

Besides to including horizontal sharding strengthen we added a great deal of uncommon effectivity and improved a variety of internals for a couple of databases. Kyle Thompson added strengthen for database namespaced duties fancy db:schema:dump:namespace, db:schema:load:namespace, db:construction:dump:namespace, and db:construction:load:namespace. Jean Boussier from Shopify improved connection pool administration.

Strict Loading Associations

Besides to the a variety of database and connection administration enhancements, Aaron Patterson and Eileen M. Uchitelle added strengthen for strict loading associations. With this characteristic it is likely you will perchance perchance per probability additionally very properly be apparent that each your associations are loaded eagerly and cease N+1’s earlier than they occur. Kevin Deisz added additional strengthen to affiliation declarations and bogdanvlviv added strengthen to flip strict loading on by default.

Delegated Forms

Rails 6.1 offers “Delegated Forms” instead to single-desk inheritance. Here is purposeful for representing class hierarchies allowing the superclass to be a concrete class that's represented by its occupy desk. Each subclass has its occupy desk for additional attributes. Verify out the pull preserve apart a question to written by DHH.

Execute Associations Async

Execute associations async offers the pliability for functions to abolish associations in a background job. This would perchance can allow you to protect away from timeouts and diversified effectivity issues in your utility when destroying data. The implementation was as soon as a workforce effort - the PR was as soon as started by George Claghorn from Basecamp, additional strengthen added by Cory Gwin of GitHub and finalized by Rafael França and Adrianna Chang from Shopify.

Error Objects

Spirited Mannequin’s errors at the moment are objects with an interface that allows your utility to extra with out effort deal with and work alongside with errors thrown by gadgets. The characteristic was as soon as utilized by lulalala and good factors a ask interface, permits extra correct testing, and purchase entry to to error essential capabilities.

Spirited Storage Improvements

Spirited Storage received a splendid change in Rails 6.1! You may perchance perchance perchance now configure attachments for provider you fancy to should retailer them in. The characteristic was as soon as utilized by Dmitry Tsepelev.

Additionally, Rails 6.1 offers strengthen to Spirited Storage for everlasting URLs for blobs. Applied by Peter Zhu from Shopify, this characteristic allows configuring your attachments to make use of a private or public URL and ensures that public URLs will constantly use a everlasting URL.

Disallowed Deprecation Toughen

Must you fancy to scamper your utility deprecation-warning free then this characteristic is for you. The characteristic allows functions to optionally elevate an error if a deprecation warning is thrown. Here is purposeful for making specific builders don’t reintroduce deprecation warnings which web already been mounted. The characteristic was as soon as utilized by Cliff Pruitt of Test Double!

Efficiency Improvements and Computer virus Fixes!

A launch isn’t proper concerning the superior elements you purchase. It’s additionally about fixing bugs, bettering effectivity, and making Rails extra correct for every individual. This launch accommodates an enchancment that avoids making a ask if the preserve passes an empty array reported by Molly Struve and the repair utilized by John Hawthorn. Eileen M. Uchitelle and Aaron Patterson additionally utilized a effectivity enchancment that quickens the preserve queries when every individual is aware of the complete values are an integer.

The traditional Autoloader is Deprecated

The traditional autoloader has served us properly given that main Rails launch, however there’s a peculiar child on the block and it will initiating its deprecation cycle.

Unusual Rails duties are strongly sad from the usage of the traditional autoloader, and w

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