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Last modified on November 18, 2020

The reMarkable is a paper tablet for of us that accumulate writing on paper, in favor to keyboards. Its remarkably quickly paper-white current, Linux mainly based working machine and glorious neighborhood impression it extraordinarily spicy amongst hackers and builders.

Contributions are welcome as extended as they apply the rules.

reMarkable 2 disclaimer

Obtain specific care everytime you occur to are the make use of of a reMarkable 2:

  • There is not the form of factor as a device for machine restoration. Must you lose ssh entry you lose entry to the intention. Write down your password.
  • The display on rm2 and rm1 are diverse. No software drawing into rm2 display works but. Take a take a look at remarkable2-framebuffer repo and #14


  • APIs
  • Capabilities
    • Games
    • Launchers
  • Cloud Tools
  • Tool Tools
  • GUI Possibilities
  • Other
  • Show Sharing/Streaming


  • google-power-outstanding-sync - Apps Script API for reMarkable Cloud. Involves Synchronizer functionality to automate mirroring of paperwork from Google Force to reMarkable Cloud.
  • jrmapi - A Java API for the reMarkable Cloud.
  • libreMarkable - A framework for creating capabilities with native refresh strengthen for reMarkable Tablet.
  • lines-are-spicy - C++ File API for the reMarkable tablet.
  • lines-are-rusty - Rust File API for the reMarkable tablet.
  • fc-rM - C++ Parser for the .rM v5 construction.
  • reMarkableAPI - Docs and implementation of the reMarkable file sync API.
  • reMarkable-layers - Python API for learning & writing reMarkable Traces construction. Helps very complete conversion of PDFs and SVGs to Traces construction.
  • reMarkable-typescript - SortScript API for reMarkable Cloud.
  • rMAPI - ReMarkable Cloud Inch API.
  • rmapy - ReMarkable Cloud Python API.
  • rmfakecloud - Flawed Cloud Sync, server implementation of the Cloud API.


  • concord - a low latency sketching app with procedural brushes.
  • KOReader - An e book reader software supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2 and tons of of additional codecs.
  • plato - Plato reader port. Helps pdfs, epubs, many diverse codecs.
  • reMarkable keywriter - A distraction free keyboard notes app.
  • reMarkable wikipedia - Offline wikipedia reader for reMarkable.


  • chessMarkable - Play chess in opposition to a bot or a buddy.
  • minesweeper - A mine detection sport.
  • retris - Play a clone of the on a regular basis block stacking sport with both buttons or swipe guestures.


  • draft-reMarkable - A launcher for the reMarkable tablet, which wraps at some stage inside the long-established interface.
  • oxide - A launcher software for the reMarkable tablet.
  • remux - A multi-tasking launcher for the reMarkable tablet.

Cloud Tools

  • CUPS Printing - Script to print immediately to reMarkable Cloud from CUPS the make use of of rMAPI.
  • rM-sync - Sync script for reMarkable paper tablet.
  • reMarkable_syncthing - Syncthing on reMarkable.
  • zotero-reMarkable - Script to sync PDFs from the Zotero reference supervisor.
  • sync_zotero_remarkable - Sync PDFs from Zotero to Great.

GUI Possibilities

  • asTounding - A multiplatform GUI software for the reMarkable cloud, together with Linux.
  • RemaDroid - One extra Android app so that you just simply can add paperwork, webpages or images to the reMarkable tablet.
  • RemaPy - GUI to browse, obtain/add recordsdata and backup the tablet (additionally on Linux) the make use of of the cloud.
  • reMarkable-assistant - Handle templates, splash reveals, and settings in your reMarkable tablet.
  • reMarkable Connection Utility (RCU) - A unlucky-platform consumer for offline administration of backups, screenshots, notebooks, templates, wallpaper, and third-occasion device.
  • reMarkable-hyutilities - A GUI written in java to backup your intention, add templates and regulate splash reveals.
  • ReMy - A GUI to browse, preview paperwork, export paperwork with customized settings, all by strategy of SSH (no cloud an essential); works from native uncooked backups too.
  • rMExplorer - GUI to browse, obtain/add recordsdata and backup the tablet with out the make use of of the cloud.
  • rmUploader - Easy internet app so that you just simply can add epub or pdf recordsdata to the reMarkable tablet by strategy of scurry and topple.


  • Loopy Cow - Typewriter enter from USB keyboard immediately into reMarkable interface.
  • Funcky reMarkable Exporter - Export notes from a reMarkable Tablet to File Gadget and External Companies.
  • Goosepaper: Carry prettily-formatted RSS feeds, recordsdata articles, Wikipedia articles-of-the-day, and additional to your reMarkable tablet.
  • instapaper-as-pdf-to-reMarkable - Export Instapaper-Articles to PDF and ship them to a linked rM tablet.
  • morningpaper2reMarkable - A bot to sync the morning paper to a excellent tablet.
  • paper2reMarkable - Download an tutorial paper or HTML article, chop it, and ship it to the reMarkable with a single painting.
  • Parabola-rM - A Desktop GNU/Linux-libre different OS with quickly partial refreshing and USB OTG.
  • pocket2rm - Synchronize articles from read-later platform pocket in PDF and epub.
  • remailable - Electronic mail PDFs immediately to your reMarkable. (Free publicly-hosted mannequin readily available).
  • reHackable/maxio - Companion daemon for the reMarkable paper tablet.
  • reHackable/scripts - A put of bash scripts which can strengthen your reMarkable journey.
  • reMarkable_entware - Equipment supervisor for reMarkable. Install well-liked Unix utilities through the painting line.
  • reMarkable_keyboard - Instrument to make make use of of rM as wi-fi keyboard/mouse.
  • reMarkable_mouse - Use your reMarkable as a graphics tablet.
  • remarkable_news - Use day-to-day recordsdata/comics/images because the hunch display.
  • reMarkable_pdflets - Dynamically updating PDFs.
  • remarkable_printer - Print from any intention to reMarkable with out browser extensions or reMarkable cloud.
  • reMarkable-fs - A FUSE filesystem wrapper for the reMarkable tablet.
  • reMarkable-random-shows - Trade your poweroff and hunch reveals each 5 minutes with random images of your different
  • reMarkable-touchgestures - Contact gestures (swipe/contact) for straight ahead internet allege navigation.
  • reMarkable-tweak - Tweak device for the reMarkable paper tablet. Lets you place collectively your templates with out a fuss.
  • remarks - Extract highlights, scribbles, and annotations from PDFs. Export to Markdown, PNG, and SVG.
  • remt - reMarkable tablet portray-line tools.
  • rM-dl-annotated - Export annotated PDFs from reMarkable capsules.
  • rMsync - Synchronisation script with a local devoted "library" folder.
  • rmTabletDriver - Utility that lets you simulate/clone rM enter in your computer.
  • rmWacomToMouse - Use the wacom pen as a mouse to design in your computer computer computer.
  • rmWebUiTools - Investigate cross-take a take a look at a file tree, peek statistics and export/backup all recordsdata with some simple scripts using the get ui.

Show Sharing/Streaming

  • pipes and paper - Inch pen strokes to browser canvas by strategy of websockets (weblog publish). Makes make use of of Python and SSH, nothing to assemble or set up on the reMarkable intention.
  • reStream - Inch your reMarkable display over SSH.
  • rMview - A hasty GUI to stream your reMarkable display over vanilla-SSH or VNC.
  • rM-vnc-server - A hasty & ambiance superior afflict-monitoring (sending most good trying up to this point areas) VNC server for streaming the reMarkable's display.
  • srvfb - Different screen-streaming device. Written in Inch.
  • VNSee - VNC consumer for the reMarkable tablet permitting you to make make use of of the intention as a 2nd display.

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