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Last modified on October 21, 2020

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ATTENTION All Dog Owners Who Want Their Dog To Live As Long And Healthy As Possible

This Mindbogglingly POWERFUL Yet Simple Method Of Feeding Dogs An All-Natural, Nutritious And DELICIOUS Diet May Help Dogs Recover From Stubborn HEALTH Problems And Even Add Years To Your Furry BEST Friend's Life

No Silly, Bogus Ingredients, No Complicated Time-Consuming Recipes, No BS

It is feasible to increase a canine’s life by merely altering the canine’s eating regimen. This after all will depend on the canine’s earlier eating regimen in addition to the brand new eating regimen. HOWEVER, the unimaginable factor is that canine could reside a few years longer, possibly even twice as lengthy(!), for those who select the proper eating regimen.

A bunch of well being issues could also be prompted or made terrifyingly worse by a canine’s meals, like:

On the opposite hand, this implies well being issues could get significantly better and even solved fully when altering the canine’s eating regimen!

By switching to the proper, pure, nutritious, no BS eating regimen, canine could get better from well being issues vets and drugs are merely unable to resolve. It could even save them from being 'put to sleep' - actually SAVING THEIR LIFE 

-> preserve studying for a singular instance under

We have been FOOLED for years to imagine pet food is wholesome for our canine, no less than in my view. HOWEVER, it might be the most important purpose our canine are struggling all types of well being issues and even dying years too early!

Even in case your canine appears to do properly proper now, chances are high you may need to take care of irritating well being issues that will even value you a small fortune down the road - well being issues that will have been prevented!

I imply, it has been estimated that:

On high of all of this, canine are struggling with allergic reactions, pores and skin points, bald-spots, yeast infections, digestive points, diabetes, low power, conduct points, ageing too rapidly... and the listing goes on. 

"If altering a canine's eating regimen can enhance and even clear up well being issues like these...

What does that say about pet food?"

From Dry Dog Food To A Natural Diet:


At 9 years previous, Cara was overweight, depressed, had arthritis and struggled to stroll after train so she was on ache reduction treatment. All this whereas on a business dry pet food eating regimen.

Just 9 months after switching to a pure eating regimen she misplaced a 3rd of her physique weight. She not has arthritis, no want for ache treatment, she is tremendous wholesome.

Oh! And she hasn't even wanted to go to the vet in any respect for the final 5 years! 


"Look. Look at this boys Skin! He's had pores and skin infections ever since I first adopted him at 2 months. Been on and off antibiotics and particular shampoo." This canine's proprietor needed to change kibble Three occasions till lastly switching to a pure, meat-based eating regimen and getting these superb outcomes.

Is Dog Food HURTING Your Dog?

DID YOU KNOW: 50-60% or much more of what a pet food consists of could also be fully pointless for canine and presumably trigger hurt over time?

DID YOU KNOW: Animal fats is commonly added to the surface of dry pet food to get canine to even contemplate consuming the meals?

DID YOU KNOW: The FDA permits diseased animals in pet food? Don't you assume if a cow died of a pandemic, that the meat from that cow may not be the healthiest to your canine?

DID YOU KNOW: Dog meals could also be so nutrient poor that producers need to depend on artificial vitamins to even go the minimal necessities (which themselves are extremely flawed)?

DID YOU KNOW: If your canine's poop is huge, your canine could also be pooping out numerous vitamins? This occurs to so many canine as a result of a lot of the pet food they eat accommodates vitamins their physique can not digest and take up. It's principally ineffective to them!

DID YOU KNOW: Dog meals could also be one of many greatest causes canine undergo from well being points and even die years too early?

Dog meals is definitely a comparatively new invention. It’s solely about 60 years in the past that pet food producers began producing dry pet food as we all know it in the present day, which by the way in which is an ultra-processed meals. 

"Doctors do not inform us to solely eat processed meals day by day of our life, BECAUSE it is NOT wholesome... So why ought to we try this to our canine?"


Don't get fooled by a excessive price ticket. Even costly, premium pet food could include all types of pointless, low-cost and dangerous components. 

Even veterinary diets which may value you a small fortune, could include just about the identical components as the most affordable canine meals on the grocery store... 


FACT: Dogs should not have a dietary requirement for carbohydrates (carbs). 

Dogs merely don't require carbs of their eating regimen. This isn't any information and it is one thing even pet food producers agree with. 

Even so, a great deal of canine meals include as a lot as 50% or much more carbs! 

WHY? Likely as a result of carbs are low-cost components. 

Dog meals producers may let you know carbs is a wonderful supply of power. HOWEVER, research exhibits even racing sled canine operating 19 km (12 miles) in simply 40 minutes do not want carbs for power! So do you actually assume your canine wants carbs for power? 

THE THING IS, for canine to eat some carbs sometimes might be nice. However...

If canine eat the quantity and kind of carbs present in numerous canine meals in the present day it might truly change their metabolism and the response of a selected hormone known as insulin. 

And over time they might develop INSULIN RESISTANCE which is linked to a number of illnesses, together with heart problems, various kinds of most cancers, kidney illness, liver illness, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even epilepsy, autism and despair. 

Could this be why our canine are so sick and even die too early?


-> 'Complete and balanced'... it is not what you assume!

Commercial pet food is commonly formulated to satisfy a set of nutrient necessities. The ones who principally determine the nutrient necessities of economic pet food within the US is an affiliation known as AAFCO. (Other international locations have comparable nutrient profiles.) 

INTERESTINGLY, AAFCO themselves have mentioned that since as an illustration the digestibility of iron can fluctuate from lower than 10% to virtually 100% on account of a number of components... This:

"demonstrates the impossibility that any listing of concentrations can invariably be sure that all nutrient necessities are fulfilled in all eating regimen formulation with out further concerns."

They are principally saying you can not know for certain if a pet food truly accommodates all of the vitamins your canine wants even when the pet food fulfills all the necessities set by AAFCO. 

EVEN SO, pet food could also be labelled 'full and balanced' and you could be informed that is the one factor you must feed your canine each single day, possibly even to your canine's complete life...

EVEN WHEN there's truly an excellent likelihood it doesn't include all of the vitamins your canine wants. 

As you in all probability perceive, there are many well being issues that will consequence from nutrient deficiencies... 


You might need heard of sure canine meals inflicting coronary heart illness in canine? Maybe you have got heard that GRAIN-FREE pet food is guilty? 

It's unknown why that is taking place. Some imagine it might be on account of a nutrient deficiency. 

What's essential so that you can know is that fairly just a few of the canine meals linked to coronary heart illness (if not all) have been formulated to satisfy the AAFCO nutrient necessities!

If 'full and balanced' pet food may cause coronary heart illness - even loss of life... Shouldn't all of us be asking: What else is 'pet food' doing to our canine??


Keeping in thoughts that 'pet food' is a brand new invention...

Now that hundreds of thousands of individuals all all over the world are feeding their canine business pet food, canine are additionally struggling with something from allergic reactions, pores and skin points, digestive issues, obese, underweight, arthritis, most cancers... 

Is this all actually a coincidence?

"Or may there be a direct hyperlink between canine' well being issues - even early loss of life - and 'pet food'...?"

When seeing how canine get better from well being issues just by eradicating business pet food and changing it with a pure, nutritious, actual meals eating regimen, it actually would not appear to be a coincidence. 




"Commercial pet food could also be each low-cost and handy. HOWEVER, there's nothing low-cost and handy about having a sick canine for those who ask me..."

LISTEN, don’t really feel unhealthy when you have been feeding your canine business pet food up till now. I imply, it’s not like pet food producers promote what we now have mentioned thus far… 

However, you are about to find how you could feed a very pure, wholesome, nutritious, actual meals eating regimen to your canine, even beginning in the present day! 

So do not feel unhealthy, simply do what's obligatory to ensure your canine is as wholesome as potential any further!

Even although business pet food could also be dangerous, HOMEMADE DIETS will also be dangerous to canine. It will depend on the precise eating regimen... 

If you wish to feed your canine a nutritious, wholesome but easy eating regimen that simply works, there are specific issues it's essential keep away from: 

LISTEN: For canine to get better from well being issues, reside an extended life and easily thrive, they need to be consuming solely wholesome, nutritious, actual meals.

Sounds fairly apparent, would not it?

The finest technique to feed this type of eating regimen to our canine is with a home made eating regimen...

...which could be each SIMPLE and EASY if carried out in a sure method.

The Answer Is Found Within The Viking Dog Diet

"Dogs deserve REAL FOOD, and none of that processed, artificial, unhealthy pet food..."

Feeding canine a home made eating regimen is one thing we people have carried out for greater than 10,000 years. That's how our canine have been in a position to reside by our aspect for therefore lengthy. 'Dog meals' alternatively appears to have messed every little thing up as a result of in the present day, canine are dying too younger and even undergo all types of well being issues!

We do want to ensure we feed our canine appropriately, although. If our canine do not get the vitamin they want within the type they want it, they will not have the ability to thrive and reside an extended life. 

The reply is discovered inside the Viking Dog Diet. This is not only a eating regimen, it is a METHOD that exhibits you step-by-step feed your canine really nutritious, wholesome, 100% pure actual meals in order that your canine could get better from cussed well being issues (except your canine has been fortunate to not have any but...) and easily thrive! Maybe even add Three or extra years to your canine's life! 

This is what the Viking Dog Diet methodology is:

People that feed this type of pure eating regimen to their canine have mentioned it brings all types of advantages! Such as:

Dogs consuming an evolutionary eating regimen reside longer and are much less prone to get most cancers

According to Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a veterinary surgeon from Australia who’s well-known for selling pure diets for canine: “Pets eating an evolutionary diet, live much longer than their kibble fed counterparts, and are less likely to develop cancer or any of the other degenerative diseases which plague modern pets.” And for individuals who change older pets with a degenerative illness normally finds the illness “suddenly becomes less of a problem.” Including many types of most cancers. [Ian Billinghurst. The BARF Diet. Warrigal Publishing. Australia. 2001.]

Return to a pure eating regimen to resolve and cut back recurrence of well being points 

Tom Lonsdale, one other veterinarian from Australia all in favour of pure diets for canine, mentioned even again in 1995 concerning his basic observe: “Standard care does involve, regardless of presenting conditions, the provision of dental care and advice to return to a natural diet.” “The results more than justify our confidence with the rapid resolution and reduction in recurrence of medical complaints.” [Lonsdale, T. (1995), Periodontal disease and leucopenia. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 36: 542-546. doi:10.1111/j.1748-5827.1995.tb02807.x]

Dogs fed a pure eating regimen retain a youthful look till late in life

Tom Lonsdale: “Animals which have always been fed a natural diet, and therefore enjoy a healthy mouth, retain a youthful appearance until late in their lives.” [Tom Lonsdale. Raw Meaty Bones. Rivetco P/L. Australia. 2001.]


Nina was reasonably obese and didn't drop extra pounds despite being fed a low calorie weight administration eating regimen for overweight canine.

Since research exhibits even reasonably obese canine could die virtually 2 years earlier, Nina's life was on the road...

After solely 2 weeks on the Viking Dog Diet, Nina misplaced all the surplus fats! Her homeowners additionally say she has extra power, she's taking part in extra, is extra centered and pays extra consideration. She simply appears years youthful!


This is Maggie. She was struggling with extreme allergic reactions. She principally did not have any fur on her ft for years. 

After simply 6 weeks on a pure, meat-based eating regimen her allergic reactions principally vanished!


Hi there, I'm Ingunn, a Norwegian Viking who completely loves canine. Even although my background is in Physics and Mathematics, years in the past I left my job as a Project Manager within the oil and gasoline business and I've spent the previous few years researching about canine and vitamin. 

Why? Well, to make an extended story brief, my first household canine, a candy and enjoyable Border Collie named Sasi, truly died of most cancers at simply 7 years previous. Can you imagine it? We thought she would reside twice as lengthy! 

Now, this was a few years in the past once I nonetheless had by no means even questioned whether or not canine ought to eat 'pet food' or not... And it was solely years later that I made the connection between most cancers and our canine's meals!

So I began researching... I learn books, attended conferences, studied a few of the finest science on canine and vitamin this world has to supply and I even acquired a certificates as a Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. 

And I'm now on a MISSION to assist as many canine homeowners such as you to feed their canine the very best eating regimen in order that our canine can reside a very wholesome, lengthy life!

Because our canine deserve it, proper?!

I'm from Norway and wish to name myself a Viking 😉 It would not actually have something to do with Vikings from again within the days... Though, I just like the picture of Vikings being robust, not accepting any BS whereas conserving issues easy and simply going for what they need. So that is the type of light and pleasant Viking I wish to be and I feel all canine could be that too! Tough but light Viking canine 🙂 PLUS, it displays the type of meals each we people and our canine ought to eat: easy, no BS, actual meals. 

While researching about canine and vitamin, I used to be SHOCKED to learn the way many individuals, even specialists, don't perceive the idea of BIOAVAILABILITY and the way essential it's for our canine's well being... 

“Nutrients mean nothing to dogs if they can’t make use of them”

A canine can’t survive consuming solely grass as an illustration as a result of a canine’s digestive system isn’t designed to extract numerous vitamins from grass; The vitamins in grass don’t come within the type {that a} canine’s physique could make use of. 

A cow’s digestive system, alternatively, is particularly designed to extract as a lot vitamins from grass as potential and cows could due to this fact reside off of grass alone. 

Check out the illustration under which exhibits how totally different a ruminant herbivore's digestive system is (reminiscent of a cow) in contrast with a carnivore's digestive system (reminiscent of a canine). 

[Adapted from: G. A. Feldhamer, et al. Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology. JHU Press, Feb 19, 2015]

So regardless that grass could include all types of vitamins, these vitamins imply nothing to a canine if the canine can’t digest, take up and make use of them, proper? 

On the opposite hand, beef meat as an illustration is meals that's extremely bioavailable to canine. 

And much more so, you don’t even have to prepare dinner the meat as a result of canine are designed to eat their meals uncooked. 

"That's why a pure meat-based eating regimen for canine is sometimes called RAW"

(I imply, I don’t know of some other animal on this planet besides us people that truly prepare dinner their very own meals, do you?)

Beef meat is just not the one factor you ought to be feeding your canine, nevertheless…

This is essential as a result of for those who don’t feed your canine appropriately, even when you have one of the best of intentions, your canine could find yourself method worse… 

And as a result of not lots of people really perceive bioavailability and it is significance to our canine's well being, you should not take recommendation from simply anybody both... 


The SCARY MISTAKES You Should Avoid

There are alternative ways of feeding a pure eating regimen to canine and selecting the best one is so essential!

Some individuals attempt the dangerous highway of winging it. As some individuals have even misplaced their canine doing this, it is undoubtedly not one thing anybody ought to go about except they've in depth data and expertise in canine vitamin. 

Other individuals go for costly and unsure business canine meals. If you have got numerous cash laying round, this can be the choice for you, although you would wish to do a variety of analysis looking for a number of manufacturers to alternate between that don't include any unnatural components or components, is just not processed nor include components which might be processed, that solely include bioavailable meals, and many others. You can be leaving your canine's well being within the fingers of pet food producers and there is at all times a danger of a terrifying pet food recall. 

Lots of home made diets are solely units of difficult, time-consuming recipes that truly could not even be that nutritious to canine as a result of numerous the components could not even be bioavailable. And what are you left with? Just just a few limiting recipes with out the data of truly feed your canine. 

Others feed their canine in response to some diets created to imitate how a wolf eats. The thought could also be nice, although these diets could be each difficult, requiring you to maintain your calculator useful to do all types of calculations, in addition to fairly restrictive. 

Maybe you have got even seen photos of home made diets that look tremendous difficult...? I imply, with all types of components reminiscent of pumpkin seeds, kelp, fish oil, chia seeds, .......

...that will truly trigger extra hurt than good!

LISTEN, I do not imagine feeding our canine a 100% pure, wholesome and nutritious actual meals eating regimen ought to be tough, difficult time-consuming, nor restrictive. It's one thing each canine proprietor ought to have the ability to do, proper?!

The Viking Dog Diet is a strong but easy METHOD

This is why I've made the Viking Dog Diet so simple as potential, reducing out all of the BS components and ensuring you be taught step-by-step truly feed your canine wholesome, nutritious, actual meals. 

This is not only a eating regimen, it is a METHOD that is based mostly on science that can assist you feed your canine the type of meals canine thrive on. It's a way that exhibits you step-by-step, meal by meal, transition your canine from no matter meals you could be at the moment feeding to this extremely nutritious eating regimen. It's a way that offers you CONTROL so that you could be at all times know feed your canine a wholesome, nutritious eating regimen! 

DID YOU KNOW some canine reside to be of their 20s, even virtually 30 years previous? Imagine having a canine that lives that lengthy... Imagine in case your canine lived that lengthy! How can we then settle for canine to be previous when they're solely 10, 12 and even 14 years of age...? And what are we doing to our canine that is making them reside for such a brief period of time? I imply, it is not solely about meals after all, different components play a task as properly... HOWEVER, meals is HUGELY IMPORTANT relating to well being and vitality! And you need your canine to be wholesome and keep by your aspect for so long as potential, proper?! 

This Works For Any Breed or Mix And People With Busy Schedules

Dogs of all breeds and mixes can TAKE ADVANTAGE of the superb well being advantages the pure, extremely nutritious Viking Dog Diet can carry. 

Even canine that have already got cussed well being issues might even see some unimaginable advantages! 

Plus, even when you have a busy schedule, the Viking Dog Diet has been made to be each easy and versatile, in order that it could possibly match into just about any type of way of life. 

Because the Viking Dog Diet is not only a eating regimen, it is a Method, based mostly on science, to provide the alternative to feed your canine in a method that makes you assume: I want I has identified about all of this sooner!!


“Since the switch my 14 year old Lucy has become more energetic, is excited about food, started playing with toys again, no more lethargy, her eyes (she has cataracts) look brighter and less cloudy and overall she seems happier and content. I can't wait to see what else will change. I have my cuddly clown back. She is like a younger version of herself again. I'll take that for as long as she will stick around


"She went from refusing kibble and slowly ravenous herself to this beautiful raw-fed beast."

The Viking Dog Diet's Three Pillars

The Viking Dog Diet is a Method that, based mostly on science, goals at optimum vitamin for canine. 

To obtain this, the Viking Dog Diet has 3 Pillars which might be all essential and even influences one another, specifically:

This could appear to be an apparent pillar, although you would be SURPRISED to listen to how many individuals truly do not know what 'actual meals' actually is.

I imply, which of them of the next do you assume are actual meals (if any)? Ground beef, corn, peas, omega Three oil, wheat... 

If we wish our canine to be wholesome and reside an extended life, they should eat actual meals!


This is such an essential issue and could be very usually fully neglected!

Nutrient density is principally a measure of what number of vitamins you could discover in meals per weight. Our canine want vitamins, that is why we feed them within the first place, proper?!

HOWEVER, the vitamins additionally should be bioavailable to our canine... Otherwise they will not have the ability to make use of these vitamins!

Luckily, the Viking Dog Diet exhibits you precisely which type of meals are each nutrient dense and bioavailable. 


This is yet one more usually neglected issue that may truly have an effect on your canine's well being lots!

Actually, for instance of how essential frequency of feeding is...

A research exhibits that for somebody seeking to drop extra pounds, the variety of occasions we eat per day influences how a lot weight we lose, even when we have been to eat the identical quantity of energy!

So optimizing the variety of occasions we feed our canine is certainly one thing we must always do if we wish our canine to be as wholesome as potential. 

"But I'm not good at science..." No worries as a result of I'm 😉 And I've acquired you lined as a result of I've condensed all it's essential know, based mostly on every little thing I've realized via my analysis, into an easy-to-understand method contained in the Viking Dog Diet Method. 

"But I've a busy schedule..." So you are saying you do not have time to prepare dinner to your canine? Well, that is nice as a result of there is not any cooking required with the Viking Dog Diet! Plus, it might even take as little as 5 minutes-a-day to arrange and clear up after your canine's meal every day... for those who're keen to spend a while prepping each few weeks (and who would not have that type of time relating to their canine's well being, proper?)

"But my canine has meals allergic reactions..." That's a fair higher purpose to get began with the Viking Dog Diet proper now! Some individuals even declare meals their canine was allergic to is just not even an issue as soon as feeding a pure eating regimen... PLUS, the Viking Dog Diet is so versatile, you could simply keep away from meals your canine is allergic to. 

"But my canine is already previous..." Is that purpose to surrender in your canine?? One of probably the most unimaginable advantages individuals might even see from feeding such a eating regimen to their canine is definitely extending their canine's life by years! Wouldn't you wish to preserve your canine by your aspect for so long as potential?!

"But I haven't got some huge cash..." Yes, it is true feeding a home made eating regimen can be costlier than the most affordable canine meals on the market... However, your canine's well being is value it, proper? And are you aware how a lot vet payments could value and all of the meds in case your canine will get sick from consuming unhealthy meals?! Just try what occurred to Tolinka under and you may see how a lot cash her proprietor would have saved if she had been feeding a pure eating regimen all alongside!

It Feels Awesome To Know You Are Doing The Best Thing For Your Dog

IMAGINE the way it feels to know you might be doing one of the best factor you could possibly presumably do to your canine. 

You see your canine's youth and power come again, or possibly your canine recovers from well being issues. In any case, you merely know that ditching unhealthy pet food and changing it with a 100% pure, nutritious, nutritious diet was one of the best factor you could possibly have carried out to your canine's well being. And who is aware of, now that your canine is doing so properly, your furry finest pal may keep by your aspect for a lot longer!

Everything You Need Is Here...

I do know it might appear to be lots, to each perceive how meals have an effect on our canine' our bodies and truly feed canine a extremely nutritious, 100% pure, actual meals eating regimen... 

And how do you even transition your canine to such a unique eating regimen?? 

I've condensed all of this and extra into this simply accessible e-book: 

The Viking Dog Diet is an in depth, in depth e-book, referencing a few of the world's finest scientific analysis on vitamin and canine. It comes within the format of a PDF file and entry to obtain the e book might be delivered to you by way of electronic mail after you have positioned the order. You will want Adobe Acrobat or an identical PDF viewer software program to view the Viking Dog Diet e book in your laptop computer, telephone, pill and many others. 

Let's Recap What We've Learned So Far

This “Down To Earth”, No BS, Simple, Step-By-Step Method Is Based On The Best Available Nutrition Science In The World

Unless you have got a level in science, have studied canine and vitamin for years, AND know inform if a scientific research is definitely an excellent one or not... I do not assume you'd have the ability to discover this crucial, no BS, science-based info wherever else, even for those who tried... 

Because if an knowledgeable or perhaps a scientist tells you one thing is true, that does not make it true... I imply, there are such a lot of individuals on the market saying feed this, feed that... Studies present this and that, 'it is science'... 

THE TRUTH IS: Not all science is sweet science, and there are too many individuals on the market spreading unhealthy science. 

So who do you have to imagine? You ought to imagine those which might be extremely crucial but open to the truth that we could have been improper previously. And that truly have a look at canine as dwelling creatures that want actual meals whereas reducing out all of the BS. 

The factor is, the Viking Dog Diet is a step-by-step METHOD that not solely teaches you to feed your canine a sure method, it helps you perceive what meals truly does to your canine's physique, which meals are each nutritious and bioavailable, how usually you must feed your canine and even step-by-step transition your canine to this new lifestyle, with numerous ideas and tips that can assist you alongside.  

It's in depth as a result of I'm assuming solely the BEST is sweet sufficient to your canine... Am I proper?!

And The Real HEROES Are...

Listen, I am unable to take all of the credit score for this... After all, the true heroes are the 1000's of canine homeowners all over the world who're already feeding their canine a pure eating regimen. 

They are those who've the DRIVE and DETERMINATION to do no matter it takes for his or her canine to be as wholesome as potential and reside an extended life...

They are those who've the COURAGE to face as much as pet food producers and everybody else who've been telling us 'pet food' is what canine ought to eat... 

And they're those who're HUMBLE sufficient to confess that what they used to feed their canine was unhealthy, and BRAVE sufficient to take cost and learn to transfer ahead with what is really finest for his or her canine! 

These individuals are the true heroes in my view and I hope you may be a part of this motion as properly!

WARNING #1: Don't Try This Alone

I've to warn you... If you attempt to go at this alongside, your canine could undergo. 

I imply, even with one of the best of intentions, some canine homeowners have even LOST THEIR DOGS as a result of they merely did not know what they have been doing. 

PLUS, you'd doubtless find yourself fully overwhelmed, pissed off and confused by all of the conflicting info on the market...

So please, don't do this alone except you have got in depth data of canine vitamin. 

WARNING #2: This Is Not For Everyone

It's essential so that you can perceive that the Viking Dog Diet is just not for everybody. And, No offence, however for those who're one of many following individuals, I would not even need you to have a duplicate of this e-book... 

The Viking Dog Diet is WRONG for you IF:

REMEMBER, the Method is predicated on solely two easy steps: 

Even although it is easy, the ability meals has over your canine's well being and vitality is undeniably sturdy!

And the PROOF is in all of the examples of canine thriving on a pure eating regimen. 

Some may name it a MIRACLE eating regimen... I simply assume it is the one factor that is smart. 


At 10 years previous, Jade went from weighing 85 kilos with fixed infections, every day prednisone, and principally no fur in any respect to a lean 50 pound canine, no every day prescription meds, and a full and glossy coat.

He was fed kibble, even a fairly costly one and all of it modified for him after his proprietor began feeding him a pure, meat-based eating regimen!


This canine had a horrible pores and skin situation, lumps with bald spots! Without any treatment, solely altering the eating regimen to a pure, meat-based eating regimen and utilizing some ACV, this canine recovered fully. He's fortunate to have an proprietor who does something to maintain him wholesome. 

"Commercial pet food could also be each low-cost and handy. HOWEVER, there's nothing low-cost and handy about having a sick canine for those who ask me..."

For occasion, it has been estimated that having an obese canine that contracts a few of the well being issues that usually tag together with extra fats...

Vet visits and drugs can get tremendous costly, which is solely another reason to do every little thing you may to maintain your canine wholesome, proper?

Because you need your canine to be by your aspect for so long as potential, is not that true?

In a method, your canine's well being is value 1000's and 1000's of {dollars}... Maybe much more?

Yet, that is not what I would like you to spend in the present day to your copy of the Viking Dog Diet...

Even with all of the infinite hours researching, all of the data and energy making this Method so simple as potential... 

It's lower than a few baggage of pet food at Chewy that would doubtlessly even trigger your canine to get sick...

It's even lower than some individuals spend on a single cup of espresso per day in solely a few months... 

Your canine's well being and vitality is actually value greater than that, proper?!

Why? Because I would like it to be an OBVIOUS CHOICE... Because our canine deserve wholesome, nutritious, actual meals... And as a result of I would like as many canine on the market to reside a wholesome, lengthy life. 

ZERO Risk. 100% Peace Of Mind.

I'm so assured you may assume the Viking Dog Diet is one of the best factor you could possibly have carried out to your canine's well being, that I'm keen to give you this risk-free money-back assure:

Guarantee: Get this methodology and use it together with your canine for 60 days... If you are not already seeing some superb modifications in your canine, we offers you 100% of your a refund... 

Your Dog's Health Doesn't Wait...

LISTEN, I do not need you to look again at today sooner or later with remorse, wishing you had made the proper choice to your canine. 

I want I had identified about all this again once I had Sasi... Maybe she would have been cancer-free, possibly even lived twice as lengthy! 

The unhappy fact is that for those who do not make the choice proper now to begin feeding your canine wholesome, nutritious, actual meals... you could by no means do it... 

You could find yourself suspending it until tomorrow, which may flip into subsequent week, subsequent month... subsequent canine...?!

Dogs do not reside so long as we do, so we do not have time to waste if we wish our canine to be as wholesome as potential and keep by our aspect for so long as potential. 

And understanding what you already know now, I'd assume feeding 'pet food' to your canine would in all probability not really feel so good... 

So the perfect factor you are able to do to your canine is to make the proper choice now. 

You Know What Else You Need?

I imagine you may be tremendous excited and proud of the Viking Dog Diet and what it should do to your canine. 

However, I would like you to be so over-the-moon thrilled together with your choice to assert your copy of the Viking Dog Diet that I'm including some unimaginable bonuses...

Insider ideas and tips plus easy recipe for canine treats which might be wholesome, scrumptious and guilt-free!

Because every little thing our canine eats counts and since feeding wholesome ought to be each EASY and DELICIOUS!

Step-by-step store, put together and retailer your canine's meals for an entire month with a view to spend 5 minutes-a-day - with out even having to consider what to feed your canine - for the remainder of that month in your canine's pure, home made meals. 

Example feeding plan - together with purchasing listing - for an entire month (four weeks) utilizing components which might be pretty frequent to search out. 

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All bonuses come within the format of PDF information. Access to obtain the information might be delivered to your inbox when you place the order. 

Don't Leave Your Dog's Health To Chance, Or Worse...

Don't merely wait for all times to occur... Don't sit there doing nothing ready to your canine to get sick and previous... 

REMEMBER, for those who do nothing, like most individuals on the market as a result of they merely do not know any higher, chances are high you may need to take care of a bunch of frustratingly persistent well being issues, possibly even most cancers...  

Watching your canine in ache, feeling fully helpless... 

The fact is... we won't shield our canine from every little thing and we won't change the previous both. Life does occur, that is true.

HOWEVER, what we will do is change the longer term by doing every little thing we will to make issues proper any further!

Today, you may select to be your canine's hero. And even my hero...

Join the motion of brave individuals who have the drive and willpower to face up for his or her canine, to say no to something undeserving of our canine and say YES to wholesome, nutritious, actual meals. 

Be humble sufficient to know your canine's life is in your fingers and courageous sufficient to take cost!

Because it's now your duty to do every little thing in your energy to assist your canine. 

I'm certain your canine already thinks you're a hero. It's now time to show to your self that you're the hero your canine thinks you might be. 

"Be the individual your canine thinks you might be" 


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If you have got any questions or points concerning the order, please ship an electronic mail to and we'll reply as quickly as potential. Thank you. 


Lucky was switched to a pure, meat-based eating regimen and that is what his proprietor mentioned: 

"With his Cushing’s Disease, delicate tummy troubles, and previous age (9), I had so many reservations. But his youth, spunk, and power got here again full power and I've my joyful boy again!"


Tia used to eat kibble. She was on steroid injections for an previous harm in her again leg and she or he gained weight. She had UTI like signs which stored returning. With 10 rounds of antibiotics in only one yr it turned out to be irritation on her bladder wall.

Then all of it modified. Tia began consuming a natura, uncooked eating regimen and after simply four months she misplaced 7kg, stopped having blood in her urine, would not limp as a lot anymore and may go on longer walks. Her proprietor is amazed on the transformation and says you would not imagine she's 11 years previous when seeing how playful and bouncy she is.

The outcomes can fluctuate from canine to canine. Examples discovered on this web page are outcomes based mostly on the homeowners' personal model of uncooked, meat-based diets and should not mirror the standard purchaser's expertise, could not apply to the common individual and should not supposed to characterize or assure that anybody will obtain the identical or comparable outcomes. The examples have been discovered by way of social media, besides the one with Nina which Ingunn was personally answerable for. Ingunn Grip Fjær, regardless of being licensed as a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist by DNM University, is an knowledgeable on her personal advantage, having constructed her data within the space of vitamin and canine via learning vitamin and canine on her personal, not being skilled in vitamin or some other space of well being or canine. All shared data, ideas, and strategies are for academic functions solely. No info on this web page or contained in the Viking Dog Diet or any bonuses replaces an appointment with a veterinarian or nutritionist. Never make any modifications to your canine's eating regimen or meals way of life with out first consulting a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist. Only they may have the ability to consider your canine's present state of affairs carefully and determine in case your canine is match or to not these modifications. If you have got any doubts, ship an electronic mail to and we'll reply as quickly as potential. Thank you!

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